Tuesday, March 31, 2009

really it's more like 6:45!!

I love this group that I found, once again through Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee!  Sarah Mae is so inspiring in so many ways and this 5:16 group is a real challenge for me - I was relieved that she made sure to let us all know that we didn't actually have to be up then, just that we needed to to cut out some time to just spend with God at the beginning of our day.  I have know several women throughout the years that are able to get up before everyone else in their household and dedicate some time to reading and prayer - I am NOT a morning person, as I have stated multiple times - so I prefer to do this after everyone is out of the house and I have a better chance of not being interrupted.  On tuesday mornings I am often either at my rosary group or at a moms' group at church, so I always get a little extra on those days, but I know that my day is better if I give some time to God before I really get to my running around!  Sometimes I say my rosary in the shower or the car to squeeze in a little extra time during the day, but I know I am at my best when I am alone and even better when I make it to the perpetual adoration chapel at church!  As lent begins to wind to a close over the next week or so, I am more and more grateful for my faith and the strength that it gives me through Him!!

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