Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring cleaning....

Spring cleaning time?  I'm so glad I live in the Midwest when I hear those word!!  Although we had a little taste of spring, and the crocus and daffodils are starting to peek out of the ground, It will be in the low 40s for the second half of this week, so I don't have to spring clean yet!!  Isn't there some rule where you have to have at least a week of over 50 before we have to roll up our sleeves and begin the ritual that we all dread, but we are so glad we did when it's over?  There is nothing like opening up all the windows and having a nice spring breeze (or in our case, gale force winds and the occasional tornado) blowing through the house!  Something about those first few sunny, cloud-free days of spring that force a smile on your face and a spring in your step!  I don't mind spring cleaning all that much because it's so nice to air out winter from the house, pull back the curtains and brighten up the windows so that the sun we haven't seen in months can shine through!!  I absolutely love working out in the yard - I am always sore and dirty and blissfully exhausted!  Won't be long before I can get out there and clean out the remaining dead stuff from last year to make room for this year's growth!  Time to hose down everything on the screened-in porch so we can sit out there with a glass of wine and listen to the sounds of children playing everywhere - including ours!!  Spring is indeed a wonderful thing and my favorite time of the year (although I do prefer the summer temperatures and lack of school), but I don't mind waiting another month to break out the heavy duty cleaning supplies!!  All in good time!  


Jenni said...

There is a reason for everything;)

"EASTER CLEANING — According to an ancient tradition, the three days after Palm Sunday are devoted in many countries to a thorough cleaning of the house, the most vigorous of the whole year. Carpets, couches, armchairs, and mattresses are carried into the open and every speck of dust beaten out of them. Women scrub and wax floors and furniture, change curtains, wash windows; the home is buzzing with activity. No time is wasted on the usual kitchen work; the meals are very casual and light. On Wednesday night everything has to be back in place, glossy and shining, ready for the great feast. In Poland and other Slavic countries people also decorate their homes with green plants and artificial flowers made of colored paper carrying out ancient designs.

This traditional spring cleaning is, of course, to make the home as neat as possible for the greatest holidays of the year, a custom taken over from the ancient Jewish practice of a ritual cleansing and sweeping of the whole house as prescribed in preparation for the Feast of Passover."

Who knew?

mom3crazygirls said...

who knew? Jenni you always seem to be able to shed light into my darkness!!