Monday, March 30, 2009

monday minis..... myspace graphic comments
Myspace Monday Comments

OK, so I think that I will start a new tradition on this blog with my "monday minis"  - I'd love to have some cute little graphic that I can use each time - but since I don't know how to do that, I will wait for someone to offer to make one for me!! (hint, hint!!) 
  • it snowed yesterday - seriously, it snowed lots and lots!  the ground was too warm for it to accumulate, but it snowed for a couple hours - on March 30th, go figure!
  • Little S made the most fabulous gameboard and game pieces for her project on black holes for school - we are so proud of her!!  she did some great stuff with glitter spray paint and paint pens, glow in the dark glue and glow in the dark modeling clay!!
  • I had a lot of fun in my PRE class yesterday - we reach the account of the Passion of Christ in the book of John and it led to a lot of good discussion!  I really enjoy this 5th grade class!
  • I think I gave myself a minor case of shin splints on the treadmill saturday - got a little enthusiastic - I think it may have been the music and a few extra aggressions I was getting out of my system!  had to take yesterday off
  • I think I am actually starting to enjoy working out - it's all because of Lori!  love ya lady!!
  • Only 4 more days till our DC trip!!  we are all sooo excited!  gotta get some new tennis shoes since my current ones are totally worn out and I will kill my feet with all that walking if I don't
  • with all our late fees, I think it would be cheaper for us to buy books than go to the library - we really suck at getting things back on time - which is why we now have a pass at Blockbuster - so no more late fees with them at least!!
  • my weeping cherry tree is starting to blossom!!!  
  • the rabbits are eating all my tulips - I wish my old neighbor Carrie was still here with her biodegradable pellet gun - not that it even scared them away, they acted like they didn't even feel it!!
  • I am going to reorganize my office today!  wish me luck!!!
  • I am involved in a perpetual game of phone tag with my sister!  Every once in a while we connect, but lately our relationship involves leaving messages for each other answering questions that the other person left for you and responding in kind with more questions of your own!!
  • I am determined to be totally caught up on laundry - spring and winter clothes, sheets and towels before we leave for spring break!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That's good for today!                                                                                                                I'm off to reorganize the office!!                                                                                                                 Have a great monday!!

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lizspin said...

You think you can't have late fees at Blockbuster???? That's because you buy the movie!!!

Come to view my video library if ever you need one. . .