Saturday, March 14, 2009

cookie madness!!!

It's true!  It's that time of year again!  
The door to door sales actually occur in the freezing days of late January, the cookies that were pre-ordered have been or are being delivered, so now it's time for cookie booths!
Now march in Indy is a crap shoot - and I I wouldn't say we got the crap, but it wasn't glorious either!  Walmart made us set-up our booth outside and although it was hovering around 50, it was overcast and a little windy, so it felt much colder than it should have.  After about 30 minutes, I called hubby to bring me a warmer coat and a lap blanket (now don't feel sorry for the kids, they were dressed well and they were busy moving around trying to persuade people to shell out $3.50 box a box of love!).  Anyway, next  year I will suggest different outfits, like these below!!
I think the girls would look darling and probably sell a ton for cookies just because people would feel sorry for them, don't you?
On the other hand, I'm more like this poor girl.....
don't get me wrong, I LOVE eating them, I just hate all the door to door stuff - both the orders and the delivering!  The booths aren't so bad - when they're done, they're done!  I'll be glad when the girls get the rest of their orders delivered - why can't people know to be home when we are trying to deliver their cookies?

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