Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DC day three........

Did I mention that we were in DC for the cherry blossoms?  They were beautiful!  Here's a little close-up right by the base of  Washington monument.
Monday morning Big S and I got up early that morning to stand in line for tickets for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - we waited 1 1/2 hours and got tickets for a 5:15pm tour - just what we were hoping for!  Then we schlepped all the way up the mall to the Air and Space museum to meet hubby and the other two girls.  On our way, it started to rain!  Then we (and the other hundred or so people there) realized that it didn't open until 10am - we all thought it opened at 9am, so we stood in the rain - then we smartened up and stood under a hot dog vendor's little umbrella (the cart wasn't opened, so no one cared!).  At 10am we darted inside and headed straight for the IMAX line (we're no dummies!).  We got to see a show in the planatarium about black holes (Little S just did a report on them so she was really excited), then a 3D IMAX on the sun, then the timeless IMAX "To Fly."  It was a blast!  In between, we saw a few displays ;)
Little G wasn't totally into it at this point - she wanted to eat!!
Big S was so excited to see the Amelia Earhart exhibit - she did her wax museum report on her last year!
One of the girls shot a pix of me and hubby - not looking great, but having fun!
It was super windy outside the BEP and I was really pleased with how this turned out!  The tour was very interesting - we saw $1s and $100s being printed!  It was a pretty short tour and honestly you see more on the Discovery channel, but it was happening right in front of us, so that was cool!
Reminds me a bit of a Beatles cover!  This is pretty much us all week!!
More to come tomorrow!!

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