Thursday, April 16, 2009

DC day four....

Today was a SUPER COOL day!  
We received a personal tour of our nation's capital from a former congressman and co-worker of hubby's.  He was so gracious to take time out of his day to show us around - he had fabulous stories and showed us things that we wouldn't have seen without him.  I am surprised at how much is not open to the public - I know that there are security issues but even with our friend's special access there was a lot that we couldn't see.
Yeah, that's a machine gun that guard on the Capital steps is holding.
View of the mall from Speaker Pelosi's balcony door!

The girls on the Capital steps!
The Supreme Court of the United States
Casually hanging out at the Supreme Court
The Jefferson building of the Library of Congress
The interior is absolutely beautiful!  
Check out the ceiling!!
Not a bad address if you can handle the pressure!!

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