Tuesday, April 21, 2009

have you noticed I was absent???

Have you missed me?   Did you notice that I stopped posting only half way through our DC trip?  Well, I swear there's a good, no, dare I say, GREAT reason for my absence?  Well, it all started a week ago - wednesday to be exact!  My friend and I headed to the basement to work out for the first time since spring break and after a few minutes (yes, it actually took a few minutes!) we noticed that the carpet was wet (we had shoes on, so it took a while!) - we noticed the must smell immediately, but it took a while to add 2 and 2 together!  The basement had in fact flooded while we were off enjoying our nation's capital!  This discovery was just the beginning of the end of my sanity!

That same day, something funny started happening to hubby's car and it lay dormant in the garage until one of us had time to get it to the shop!  That finally happened friday - had it towed to the dealership to be looked at monday!

Friday morning it was just getting started on the gazillion loads of laundry I had to do that day and lo and behold the washing machine - that has been threatening to die for months now, chose that exact moment to check out - and leave a floor full of water in it's wake!  Yes, there is a water theme developing, isn't there?  Just really not what I needed to have happening that day - at all!  Oh, have I mentioned that Little G's 1st Communion is this weekend and I have 10 people coming in from out of town and the house wasn't ready for them BEFORE the flood!

So, as I am sitting outside waiting for the tow-truck, having just returned from purchasing a new washing machine (I won't go on an OCD rant about how crazy it makes me that the washer and dryer don't match anymore!), when my phone slipped out of my hands (I was trying to hold the mail too) and my beautiful phone slipped from my grasp, plummeted to the ground and made contact with my driveway at 60mph smashing my pristine touch screen so that it now resembles the end result of a meeting between a windshield and a large rock hurled at it from an overpass!  I am so sad.  

Needless to say, those were 3 crappy days!  We kept our fingers crossed all weekend that the 21 fans and 2 industrial size dehumidifiers were doing the trick and that when they came back monday to check that we could have that step behind us so that we could move on to damage assessment, carpet cleaning and putting the ENTIRE basement back together before company starts to arrive wednesday afternoon!  Today we had the plumbers out to look at the hot water heater AND the sump pump - the verdict, sump pump fine, hot water heater... toast!  It took th
em about 4 hours, but when all was said and done, we had a new hot water heater and a verdict that the basement was in fact dry and we could move on to the next phase!!!!  
So, the countdown to the firs guest's arrival is about 39 hours, so if we don't sleep we may be ready!!  Wish me luck - better luck than I've had at least!!

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