Monday, June 8, 2009

Our first graduate!

Big S graduated from 5th grade about a week or so ago - it's just taken me a while to get the pictures up with all the other craziness going on! Anyway, We were very proud of her and thought I'd share a couple (few) pictures from that morning!
Receiving her "walking papers" from our principle Mrs.P.
The big surprise of the morning was the Principle's Award  It is awarded to one boy and one girl in the 5th grade at graduation.  They have to fill out an application and then write an essay about their elementary school experience.  We were beside ourselves excited when she name was called!  She was so surprised - she never expected to win!  In addition the prestige, she got a check for $250.oo to spend on middle school spirit wear and supplies!  The big check was super cool - the Principal and PTO president presented the awards.
Big S and her 5th grade teacher Mrs.B with the big check!!
Big S and some friends celebrating after graduation!!  They are now middle schoolers!!

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