Monday, June 22, 2009

So, you think YOU can dance?????? week 2

So, you know I hove this show!!!  I am behind in my comments from last week's show - being out of town will do that I'm afraid!  Anyway, in order to not get too far behind and have this week's show happen before I have my say, here I am, better late than never!
As far as the boys go, I really like these 3 as individual artists!  Vitolio, Ade and Brandon!  Once again, Vitolio and his  partner Asuka (see last week's post about her)
blew us away!  Their choreographer took Vitolio's lfe story as insiration for them and Asuka managed to not play the "sexy" card and they were amazing!  Brought a tear to everyone's eye!
Ade and his partner Melissa (see last week's post again - she's the naughty ballerina!  Love her!!) They were great again!  And Brandon is really finding a place in my heart too!  Losing a bit of his cocky attitude and really relying of his amazing skills - watch out boys!

Here is my new favorite couple!  Randi and Evan!  I really really liked them last week, but this week they caught my eye again!  They are two little sticks of dynamite and so much fun to watch!  They are both very good at their own genres and have done great at learning new styles each week!  I hope that they continue this way - they are so much fun to watch!!
I haven't chosen a single favorite yet - all the dancers are super super good - by far the best season as far as stong dancers with tons of talent evident at the very beginning!  There are a couple who haven't son my heart yet, but I think each week it's going to be harder for the judges to decide who to send home because they can all really kick butt!  Looking forward to this week's show!!!!

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