Monday, June 1, 2009

I have been deceived

Yes friends, I have been deceived.  Those bluebirds that have taken up residence in by beautiful bluebird house in my lovely red maple tree are impostors!  I thought they looked a little different  remember my previous post when I mentioned that they didn't look like traditional bluebirds that I was familiar with?  Well, I should have listened to my gut - those crazy little birds fluttering around my backyard are tree swallows, NOT bluebirds.  Now, yes I am very happy to have to have a young bird family taking up residence in our yard, but that's a bluebird house and darn it, my neighbors have bluebirds, so why not me?

this is a tree swallow, not a bluebird apparently
I have been amused with all of their antics - they dive bomb when they are flying and it's really funny to watch since it's very different from any other birds that we have in this area!
Really, my intent is simple to provide a public service announcement for all of you out here that may become victims of these deceptive little birds!

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