Monday, May 25, 2009

Every once in a while Mama Kat puts out a writing prompt that I just love!  She has several great choices a week, but you know how sometimes they just grab you?  Anyway, This week I thought that the "10 things that you are currently sick of" was calling my name!
1. school!  totally sick of school this year - not all year, just now - good thing we only have 3 1/2 days left and one of those is field day!  I need a break!  So do the kids, but the prompt is about what they are sick of!!

2. my current menu  - I need some new recipes (and motivation) especially with school almost out and the weather FINALLY warming up - grilling is always great, but even that we need to mix up a little bit!

3. laundry - especially with 3 girls in the house - it never seems to end!

4. my yippy little dogs barking at anything and everything  - animals outside, people outside, cars outside, people coming from one room in the house to another, the wind... they are getting on my last nerve.  We tried those antibark collars that spray citronella in their faces when they bark - only worked for a while then they decided they didn't mind it all that much after all.  Shock collars may be next!

5. dust - what else needs to be said about that!

6. tv reruns - yes, I know that the rerun season is just beginning but it really gets on my nerves

7. fighting the blasted thistle weeds in my yard - this is year three and it keeps coming back

8. my girls bickering - it drives me crazy and it seems that someone is always picking or shining or tattling or out and out fighting -ugh

9. headaches - I get one almost everyday, they are so annoying!

10. spam emails, seems like no matter what I do I get over 100 each day - yahoo needs stronger filters!


Jenni said...

#4 my brother-in-law is a vet and he debarks dogs for a living. Just a thought.

Debbie said...

I hear you on the laundry! I guess with my sweet brood it's not the bickering that gets me although there is plenty of that it's the not listening. Happy last week of school! :)