Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally, the pictures!

Little G had her first Communion on Saturday April 25th.  I shall begin by saying that in the chaos of it all, I arrived at the church with both batteries in my camera DEAD and NO card in the camera - talk about loser mom!  And I call myself a professional photographer - ha!  Anyway, I had to rely on everyone else's point and shoots at the church to capture the moments that I would otherwise have missed all together.  So, thank you to you dear friends!!  
The first picture below is of 2 of the PRE classes that were participating in that mass (we belong to a huge parish, so there were 3 masses just for First Communions that day!)  Anyway, Little G is front row, far right side, beside the lady in the blue jacket - and of course she's the cutest!! Father Christopher - 2nd row on the right (he's kinda obvious) presided over this mass.  WE have 4 priest in our parish, 3 full time and one part time with us and part time with the diocese.  Anyway, Father Christopher presided over Little S's First Communion last year too.

Some pix of Little G processing in at the beginning of mass.  She didn't want to wear a veil, but she found a beautiful, delicate little tiara that she wore - of course she wore it like a headband, but what can I say, she has her own fashion sense!
It was a beautiful mass.  Little G was a little nervous - afraid that she might forget what to do - and she did!  It was really cute!  Father Weldon was who we received our host from and he even cracked a little smile when she got flustered!  How can you not find Little G just darling?
Some family pix.  The sun was so bright behind us that this little point and shoot couldn't compensate.  Anyway, the first one is our little family: me and hubby, Big S, Little G and 
Little S.  Not a bad looking family.
This is my Dad on the left and my Mom on the right - of course me, hubby and Little G in the middle!!  Not looking too shabby!
These are a couple of the pix from the actual First Communion at our church.  I will post some more of the festivities afterwards at another time!!


Debbie said...

Beautiful!! I am glad you all had a wonderful day!

Jenni said...

Just beautiful. I wish I could have actually been there for Mass. I miss you.

Bryan Rutt said...

Great pics, Gayle. I bet you'll never be without batteries or a card again!