Monday, May 4, 2009

mister blue bird on my shoulder....

I love bluebirds!  Truth be told, I haven't seen a lot in real life, but I know that they are good luck, beautiful and hard to attract.  So, imagine my delight when I finally saw a happy little couple flitting around my backyard a couple weeks ago!!  Last year, my neighbor across the street had some in her backyard - jealous!!  Then I gave my mom a bluebird house for mother's day last year and SHE got some too!   Well, that was it!  This spring I set out to my friendly neighborhood Lowes and bought myself a bluebird house and hung it in a tree in my backyard and WAITED!!  
I am like a giddy school girl about my backyard birds!  I am so so so so very happy that the bluebirds have found my little house!!  They are taking forever to finish their nest!  I thought they were done yesterday and tried to sneak a peek when they weren't around - well, they have serious radar and one of them started darting at me - I bolted!  I sure don't want to scare them off before they have their babies!
Yea, it was something like this below!!  
He was mad at me!!  Or perhaps it was the little woman that was mad at me - I'm not certain, I just ran!! 
 My favorite thing to do is to lay down in the hammock and watch them.  Several times daddy came and sat on the post and sang to me - that's my version and I'm sticking to it!!  
They love me and are thanking me for putting that house out for them!  A girl can dream, it could be true!!  See momma peeking out at me?  She's serious about guarding her new home!
It's all I can do not to go out and buy 10 more houses and put them all over the backyard!  Does anyone know much about them?  My mom says that you have to clean the houses out in between families so that they will come back and build another nest, sometimes in the same season!  Apparently bluebirds don't like hand-me-downs!  Also, my bluebirds don't have the brown on their chest, which after some research makes me think they are mountain bluebirds, not eastern bluebird.  I will try to get a good shot of them and post it so you can give me your thoughts - meanwhile check out daddy on the hammock post!!

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