Friday, February 27, 2009

motherhood is.....

What does motherhood mean to you?

does it mean hours of screaming, crying, fighting, talking back...?
did Rosie the Riveter go to work in the factories to avoid all that racket?  I wouldn't be surprised - especially if Daddy was an ocean away and she had no other way to get a break!

you see, I'm not suggesting that mothers don't love their children every moment of every day, I'm suggesting that most of us need a balance to keep us sane.  I have great kids, really great kids for certain, but they OFTEN drive me absolutely crazy!  They are at an age where they can do an excellent job of keeping themselves entertained - there are no more diapers, I don't need to remind them to go potty, they are capable of getting their own snacks!  Life is good!  Of course there is always the other side of that coin!  They are also very capable of talking back, refusing to help each other, fighting as if they are Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land and my favorite, refusing to clean their rooms!!  Tattling is at an all time high - and don't get me wrong, it has it's place!  There are some things that I may never know about if they weren't expert tattlers; but I don't really care if one of them made a face at the other or if someone won't scoot their chair over 3/4 of an inch!  What's the deal with this selective independence?  Shouldn't there be some rule that if you are under 18, how about under 10, that you shouldn't be allowed to say no to your parents?  At the very least, you should have to do what you are told without a puss on your face or stamping your feet or having a temper tantrum.  I'm just putting that out there!!

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Merrie said...

Same thing at our house. "No!" is getting waaaay too common. I want to lay down less law and instill more respect, but it's not easy trying to do that. And I could really do without all the tattling, too. ugh. This is why I don't 100% hate working -- all grownups all day has it's upside.