Friday, February 13, 2009

the sick house!!

OK, so we're not talking a little sick, we're talking A LOT SICK!!  I get home from my fabulous visit with Ranch girls to this.... the whole house is sick!  Little G stayed home sick monday, so hubby had to take the day off and work from home - he made it work with a little juggling of things - he's a big boy- he can handle it!  Tuesday while I am traveling across the country to get home, I get a text, all 3 girls are home sick, YUCK!  And hubby has it to - is it too late to go back to ranch girl?  I love them and am sad that they are sick, but let's be honest,  I don't want to get it too!  But I do the right thing and get on my next plane headed east to Indy :(

I get home and everyone looks like this!

Hubby has to go to Cincinnati the next day - sick or not, so wednesday morning, off he goes and I have all 3 girls home again with temps spiking into 103-104 I'm a nurse, I can handle it, but they are so pitiful.  At least until the motrin and tylenol kicked in, with the fevers under control, it was a fun day, then one by one they would drop as the meds wore off and naps were take, tv was watched way too much and computers were played on!  There are certainly worse sick days - no puking thank goodness!!  Glad to say that Little G went back to school thursday and Big S was ready to go back friday (I think that the V-day party was a little motivation!!), so Little S had to get dressed and go with us to school to drop off the goody bags for one of the parties and her valentines - but surprise!  We are getting things taken care of in the front office and the child who NEVER wants to go looks up at me and says "I think I'll stay".  Needless to say, I was stunned and thrilled at the same time!  I walked her down to her classroom and told the teacher that I would run home ad get her backpacks and books!  Which is exactly what I did, then ran a few errands, then back to school for the parties, then one kid to girl scouts, other 2 home, eat a snack, take another to her girl scouts, then then to pick up the first, then back to pick up the second.. then home to the couch - I'm fighting really hard not to get sick!  I definitely have a head cold brought on by exhaustion I think, but no fever, so far so good!!  Everyone is back in action although not at full steam yet - fine with me if we go slow for a couple days!  Just in time for hubby to fly out sunday morning for work again!!

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lizspin said...

Two of my daughters had the flu this past week also.

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