Sunday, February 15, 2009

the new me????

So, what do you think of the new me?  Ok, this really isn't me - the hair is all wrong!   But I like the general idea of being a domestic diva!  I love to cook, sew, knit - ok I don't like cleaning, I'll admit that, but I always like the results!  So, here's my new goal - not a new year's resolution, but a new Gayle's resolution - I want to do things that I enjoy and that make my family happy also and some of those things can only be accomplished by me doing some things that I don't absolutely love, but who's results I do love!  So, the new me is going to really work on doing a better job of the things on that list - I'll keep you posted!


Jamey said...

I am rooting for you! I want to do the same thing, I just feel overwhelmed sometimes! you go girl!

lizspin said...

Yeah, You go girl! But I hope you don't look as perplexed as the "new you" in that picture!