Saturday, February 14, 2009

my loves....

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

Here is my darling hubby making faces at me because he doesn't like having his picture taken!
Love you honey!

My darling Big S!  I am loving watching her grown and mature into a young lady!  She is smart and funny and I love just hanging out and talking with her!

Here are Little S and Little G!  They are both darling little imps!!  They couldn't be more different if they tried yet they get along really well!  Little S is quite the clown always keeps us laughing and has a huge heart of gold!  Little G often plays the ditz even though she's smart as a whip like her sisters!  She is giggley and loves to play ticklemonster with mom and dad!!

I love the four of you with all my heart - you are my world and my life!!
Love you!

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