Sunday, February 15, 2009

my trip to visit Ranch girl..

I will start by saying that I had a fabulous visit with Ranch Girl!  Thanks so much hubby!!!!  What a thoughtful Christmas present!  The trip to get there, was another story!!  Not all smiles that day ;(  To begin with, I didn't know that Indy is one of 15 airports in the US where you have to check you bags 45 minutes before your flight instead of 30 like ALL THE OTHER AIRPORTS IN THE WORLD!  Needless to say, I got there 40 minutes before my flight and they wouldn't let me check in, so I missed my connection in Chicago so I had to be re-routed from Indy to Denver to San Francisco, then I was able to catch my flight in SF to Burbank.  But that's not all, when I was in Denver, I had an aisle seat and apparently United boards the window seats before the aisle seat to eliminate people people crawling over each other, but before my group got to board, they announced that all the overhead bins were full and so anyone with a rolling suitcase carry-on would have to gate check their cases - it sucked, but life goes on, UNTIL they said that you would get your suitcase back at your final destination NOT in SF like with normal gate check situations.  I was not happy, but there were people with me going to Tokyo, one lady had a baby and she was counting diapers and bottles trying to figure out how much she would need to carry in her arms along with her baby to get them from Denver to Tokyo including their layover time in SF - I was appalled!  To keep on the path of an awful day of travel, we got into SF on time, but all of a sudden, nothing was coming in or going out and my flight was delayed several hours - I just kept thinking about that poor lady with the baby.  I remember traveling when my girls were that age and it's exhausting just keeping them entertained when you prepare for your scheduled travel time, but to take away all your stuff, then extend you layover just sucks!   Anyway, that's my sad travel tale, the rest of the trip was fabulous and I feel personally responsible for ending the drought in southern California (you too can hire me for your rain needs!) and my travel home went as originally scheduled, so all was well!!  I didn't take my camera since, sadly, it is not fully functioning, but Ranch girl's son took a pix of us before I left that I am waiting to get the file for then I will post it!!

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