Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My visit with Ranch Girl part 2... the pictures

As I said before, my visit with Ranch Girl was fabulous!!!  It rained almost the entire time, which was fine because we didn't have to make excuses to just sit around and talk and knit and eat yummy food and drink lots of coffee and then switch to champagne (Ranch Girl's favorite!) after the appropriate hour!  It was like a mini Girls' Weekend of the TOETAT5 but just the 2 of us! 
 Ranch Girl's son took these pix right before I left - a full day of travel ahead, I was dressed for comfort not looks!!!
 the bottle of pink champagne I brought with me - pink for me (my favorite color!!) champagne for Ranch Girl (her fav beverage!!) it was actually quite tasty

  This is the chair that I claimed for my own while I was there!  Tiger often joined me for a little snuggle!!  With my laptop, cup of coffee, knitting and Tiger I could spend all morning in the chair chatting with Ranch Girl!!  Not a bad life!
  this wonderful family took me into their fold and made me felt like one of them while I was there!  It was no more evident than when they introduced the game of "Aggravation" and then proceeded to try to kick my butt!! I did not win, I won't lie, but I did not get my butt kicked either!  I can hold my own - especially when you come after me!!  There will be another round when I return - take me at my word Rand Family!!  Until next time!


Bryan Rutt said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Merrie said...

I love that you made it all about enjoying each other's company, and not about going here and doing this. Too many vacations are filled up with busy stuff -- good for you all to just relax and enjoy a visit. :)

The pink champagne makes me think of "An Affair to Remember."

Ranch Girl said...

oh my, I got teary-eyed reading that! What a nice post :-) Oh, and I'll bring my Aggravation board for our ToeTat weekend - we'll see who kicks butt then!