Tuesday, January 5, 2010

can we talk tuesdays....

I know it's only January 5th, but I am really, really tired of this bitter cold already! Yes, to those of you non-mid-westerners, it has not been above the teens in too long for e to remember (I do have short term memory issues, but that's a subject for another day!). Single digits are totally unacceptable to me - even as wind chill temperatures, but DEFINITELY NOT as the raw temperature on my little outdoor thermometer! I know that without winter, I would not appreciate spring and summer nearly as much, but I am being honest when I tell you that a month of cold is plenty to make me appreciate warm weather again! So if there is any chance that I have any influence out there, I would like to plead to whatever powers there may be that would have an influence on this particular subject and say that I am all for global warming, or at least Indiana warming!!!

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