Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just in case you are bored...

Today is one of those days that definitely falls into the category of boring!  We had a two hour delay for ice - we got freezing rain last night - so it was lovely to get some extra sleep, but when the phone rang at 5:15am, it scared the crap out of me and I was busy trying to figure out who had died while hubby shook the cob webs and stumbled towards the phone!  Amusingly, and irritatingly, enough, Big S and Little G BOTH complained that I let them sleep so late when they could have used that time "to watch tv for 2 hours" according to Little G!  Big S would have preferred to sleep 1 hour and use the 2nd hour for something - she was never really clear on what!  I apologized profusely, and sarcastically, and told them next time I'd get their little butts out of bed when the phone rang at 5:15am and then they would have plenty of time to do whatever they wanted to!  Big G made me a cup of coffee just a couple minutes later!  Guess that was her apology and request that I not follow through on my threat next time we are delayed!!!

9. Start a blog if you don't already have one of your own!  Blogspot is a super easy way to start.  Do it for yourself first, it's fun and cathartic and you will probably surprise yourself with what comes out of your fingertips!  Share the addy with close friends and family - and send it to me, I'd love to read it!  It always starts small, but you never know where it may lead!  Perhaps you are a budding writer, perhaps you have a great idea that needs to be shared, perhaps what you have to say needs to be heard - even if it's by just one person - it still needs to be heard, or perhaps just needs to be said!  There are lots of people out there who have made blogging into a money making business, I am not one of those tho I wouldn't turn down any $$ anyone wanted to give me, but there are lots of people who have found ways to market themselves for their benefit - you never know!  The key is to do it for yourself and let it go from there!  And make it fun, if it's not, then it's a job and who needs another one of those?

These are just a few of my favorites!   There are so many blogs worth reading these days - sometimes it takes a while to find them - I usually cruise my friends' sidebars to see who they are reading and check those out!  I myself don't like to see too many reviews or give aways - just my personal preference, I want to read to me amused, informed etc so one a week per blog is all I can handle.   I appreciate those who have separate review blogs - like my dear friend Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy - then I can go look at them if I have time and/or are interested and not if I don't!  Thanks Jen!!  To the rest of you, nothing personal, I just skim it and check back the next day!  Happy reading friends!
Please leave a comment here if you have some good reading suggestions!!
For those of you who were bored before reading all of this, you have NO EXCUSE now!!

By the way, I have NO IDEA why part of this post is underlined and some isn't - it appeared and disappeared all on it's own and I can't seem to delete it!  Go figure!


Jeanette said...

Sitting down with a good book sounds fabulous! Great list.

Maureen said...

Great list! I especially love no. 6 and enjoys doing that with my husband, it hilariously fun LOL.

Juliana said...

I am very proud that our superlative activity made the list. I have such fond memories of that one day in Charlotte! Favorite award-"Peaked in high school". The best t-shirt award was funny but not one to describe.... love you sis. This is one of my favorite postings of yours! Cute!

Beth said...

Did you check out my blog? What did you think?

I'm adding you to my sidebar!