Friday, January 8, 2010

my new camera...

So, Santa came to visit me this year (thanks mom & dad!) and I got this SUPER FABULOUS new Nikon 300S!!!!!

I love it, love it, love it! The owner's manual is like an inch thick - it will take me forever to figure it all out ( really half of forever to read it and the other half to figure it all out!! The mini get started booklet was as much as I could digest so far!), but I have already shot a few shots with it on the auto and a few of the easier settings and it is FABULOUS!!!
Some day I will be like all those famous photographers and will have a lens display like this one!

Some day, when I have money (I know, ha ha), I'm going to have some of these mac-daddy lenses that all the big pros have! I though it was just sports photographers since you always seem them at sporting events and I thought they were special for action and speed, but NO, apparently regular professional photographers have them to - I have actually seen them being used by other photographers in my field! I get total lens envy ( who me? really? I know you're shocked!!) when I see those big gray lenses, but the cheap ones cost as much as my new camera body, so that's not happening!! (can't count on another santa delivery like this year, this was a big treat!!)

I am torn between thinking the person who photographed all these lenses was very creative and that they were a great big show off! It is a cool picture, but come on, how many of us have that many lenses? I'm going to tell myself that they were hired by a camera shop to to a cool picture for their advertisements - sounds likely, right?

I have hired a friend to redo my website, so hopefully it will be up and running soon - she's waiting on some stuff from me, so I better get off this blog and do what needs to be done! I'll let you know when you can go visit it!!!
Over and out!

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kel said...

I am so jealous!!