Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gotta love those Colts.... and Rob Lowe!!

So, hubby and I had the most wonderful date this past weekend! We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Colts - Ravens game compliments of his employer and I must say, we had a wonderful evening - oh and it was a great game too!! We were treated to a super yummy dinner with about 15 other people from his company and then enjoyed the game from the company's suite!! Not a bad way to fly I must say!! Lucas Oil Stadium is a really nice stadium and although there are no bad seats in the house, I must say, the suite seats are especially lovely!! I was sporting my new Jeff Saturday jersey (compliments of hubby who felt sorry for me since my other jersey "expired" just a couple months after I got it when the player left for another team). Anyway, I played photographer with my new D300 and my longer range lens and thought I'd share a few photos from the night! For some reason, the field didn't look very green, but I didn't get around to "fixing" them yet, so imagine it the green it looks on tv!!
The intro is always fun - watching the team fun out on to the field! I always feel sorry for the other team, the just say "the Baltimore Ravens.." and no one even cares. Oh well, they get the pomp when they are at home, so I'm sure they don't care!
Hubby loves this action shot - I think it's pretty cool too!
I had to get a picture of #74 Oher - you know, the guy that The Blind Side movie is about!
Peyton doing what Peyton does best!!
"THE" moment of the game!!
Hubby calls him the "oven mitts guy" - apparently those pretty orange oven mitts on his arms are how he signals those folks down on the field about tv time-outs; or something like that!!
I have total lens envy! Oh some day! Don't you just think that would such a cool job? And what amazing pictures they must be able to get from down there on the sidelines! They must be able to count the players' pores with those mac-daddy lenses!!
Hubby and me in the "suite seats"!! Hubby's boss took the pictures - not a great angle - the camera adds 50lbs!!
And, my favorite picture from the night!!! We were in the lobby of the hotel where the out-of-towners from hubby's company were staying after the game and guess who was there with his son? Yup... Mr Rob Lowe himself!! I did not stalk him! He was hanging out drinking coffee and talking with people and since I saw other people getting their picture taken with him, I threw my camera at hubby and said "come with me" and asked very politely if he minded taking one more picture! He was super nice and WAAAAAY cuter in real life than either the big screen, little screen or my camera lens can do justice to! He even gave me a little wink after hubby took our picture!! I wrapped my left arm around him and grinned like a moron! He totally made my night - heck my month!! I was all a flutter afterwards! Hubby thought I was a total dork, but you gals know what I'm talking about!!


Juliana said...

Absolutely fantastic! Your grin is hilarious....did you go for a kiss or cop a feel? Just kidding-love it!

Beth said...

OMG! How cool!